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Men’s 7 Deadly Dating Sins: Loss of time-honoured values

Author: Nicky

A modern attitude is a very attractive quality, but the fact is that a lot of women prefer a man who retains some of the time-honoured values they associate with a romantic ideal of masculinity. If you demonstrate quite clearly that you’ve lost those time-honoured values then you may put people off.

Those time-honoured values include things like chivalry and a strong but reserved attitude. There’s nothing especially modern about acting in a discourteous manner and there’s nothing especially cutting edge or exciting about someone who has no time for chivalry.

However, if you are trying to act the part of the perfect gentleman on a date, you mustn’t go too far and find that you can’t cut loose. You want to have fun on your date above all. If you are too stiff then you won’t make a connection.

It’s also vital that you make the distinction between being a gentleman and being a creep – you can take the chivalry too far and make it seem like too passive a trait if you aren’t careful. Let it be a sign of masculinity rather than a sign of shyness and deference.

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Men’s 7 Deadly Dating Sins: Boastfulness

Author: Nicky

Both men and women can be guilty of some deadly sins in the world of dating. This week we’re focussing on seven deadly dating sins committed by men. These traits are by no means exhibited by all men, but they do crop up and they really turn people off.

We’ll start with boastfulness because it’s quite prevalent. The fact is that men are sometimes given to boasting about the places they’ve been to, the things they’ve done, the money they are earn and the responsibilities they have.

Unfortunately, boastfulness isn’t attractive. Even when the content of the conversation is impressive, it’s the attitude of boastfulness that represents such a turn-off for dates. The trick is not to take over the conversation. Ask lots of questions and give your date the stage when you can.

When you are talking about yourself, always have a little voice in your mind telling you when you may be taking things too far. Drop in the impressive bits of your life story more naturally and recognise that you can strike a balance between modesty and confidence using body language, tone and so on.

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