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Women’s 7 Deadly Dating Sins: Being too available

Author: Nicky

Last week we focussed on the 7 deadly dating sins that men fall prey to from time to time. However, women tend to have their own list of dating sins. One of the first doesn’t immediately seem like a sin, but being too available can count against you.

The fact is that when you tell a date you are available anytime and any day for a date, you are effectively telling them that there isn’t much else going on in your life. You are making a certain admission about the state of your social life: either that it doesn’t exist or that you’re willing to sacrifice all at the drop of a hat for a new man.

The trouble is that most potential dates won’t like that sort of thing. They’ll prefer the idea that you are at least a little independent and that you are comfortable filling your own time. They don’t want your undivided attention straight away and there is definitely a little bit of truth in the idea that men enjoy the thrill of the chase. You don’t have to play hard to get – just don’t make it seem like winning you is the simplest thing in the world.

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Men’s 7 Deadly Dating Sins: Bad manners

Author: Nicky

Many of the seven deadly sins men commit on dates are actually to do with behaviour that insults their dates. Perhaps the most offensive sort of behaviour on a date is a flagrant demonstration of bad manners.

Bad manners a common and varied but they shouldn’t make an appearance on a date. Sometimes they are to do with bodily functions that should obviously be kept in check, but on other occasions they’re more to do with treating the date without sufficient respect – i.e. not paying attention to a date, interrupting, hijacking conversation and so on.

If you go for a meal on your date, make sure your table manners are good. Nobody wants to see you chewing with your mouth open or stealing food from your date’s plate before it’s offered.

If you know that drinking causes your manners to deteriorate then keep your drinking under control and perhaps avoid it altogether. It’s not just the way you treat you date that matters here either. Treat waiters, bar staff and other people you may encounter on your date with respect. If you show bad manners in front of them, that will only embarrass your date who will feel that it reflects badly on them.

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