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Women’s 7 Deadly Dating Sins: Jealousy

Author: Nicky

The green eye monster crops its head up from time to time when girls go dating. The fact is that many girls find it quite difficult to ignore the threat of other women when they go on a date and this can make them show an unpleasant side of their character.

Ex-girlfriends, friends, acquaintances, colleagues and even fantasies may come up in conversation over the course of a date. The best daters take these things in and treat them with total ease in conversation. Those that get defensive about such topics – such potential threats – don’t make the best impression.

It’s easy to spot jealousy. Your date will probably notice if you get your back up over the mention of another woman or even over the presence of a pretty girl in the same room as you on your date. It won’t go down well. They will probably assume that you are high maintenance and, let’s face it, they may be right!

If you do feel envy easily, just try and channel that emotion a little more positively – allow it to energise your conversation and the way you interact with your date; let it give you extra confidence.

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Women’s 7 Deadly Dating Sins: Pickiness

Author: Nicky

Certain dating sins are not so much about putting off a date as putting yourself off a date. Lots of women are extremely picky. On the face of it, there’s nothing wrong with wanting the right person, but there is something wrong with letting people know they aren’t the right person without tact.

If you go on a date unwilling to bend from your particular type of man then you will be quickly disappointed. The fact is that you may actually be searching for something that won’t come along so easily and by treating the dates that don’t immediately match up dismissively you are burning your bridges.

Contrary to popular belief, men do have good social instincts and they can tell when someone is not giving them the attention they deserve when they are putting in a good performance on a date. True, their performance may not be enough to get you excited, but you should be civil and keep the date nice and comfortable.

After the date you can evaluate your tastes and give some thought about whether to give this new possibility a chance or not.

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