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Profile Week: Lifestyle choices

Author: Nicky

When you’re new to online dating it can seem a little much to put your lifestyle choices into your profile, but if you want the experience to be useful as well as fun it can certainly help to do so. Lifestyle choices are different to personal circumstances in that they have to do with your present and your future rather than the past that has put you in your current position.

Therefore, you may want to say how you like to live your life. You may want to talk about how you love your independence but want a bit of company or romance to go with it. You may want to talk about how you want to have children one day. You may want to say that you’re finished with family life and fancy settling down comfortably or rediscovering a more active social agenda.

Anything you feel is important to you and sums up your attitude to the future in a way that might be relevant or interesting to the kinds of people you are hoping to attract can go in your profile as a lifestyle choice. The most successful matches are made between people who share attitudes as well as interests, so it’s easy to see why this is an important addition.

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Profile Week: Cultural interests

Author: Nicky

Far more interesting to most online daters than details about work or about personal circumstances are your cultural interests. These ought to take up a good proportion of your dating profile. A good dating site will enable you to tick off a checklist of your interests, but this list won’t be exhaustive and there’s always more you can add.

When you mention your favourite cultural interests in your profile, you give people a window into your character. Initially, daters look to find things in common with potential dates and so making mention of your favourite film, your favourite book, your favourite place and the things you do for fun gives people a genuine idea of whether they could make a connection with you or not.

Mentioning your cultural interests is not just about attracting people. It’s also about putting the people who don’t share anything in common with you off the scent. The last thing you want to do with your dating profile is to leave it so bereft of detail as to invite every member regardless of whether they have the sort of character and personal interests to make a good match with you.

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