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Profile Week: Taste in travel

Author: Nicky

Travel is something that comes up time and again in people’s interests on dating sites. Dating profiles are a good place for people to demonstrate what they like to do, what they have done in the past and what they intend to do in the future, so naturally travel comes into it quite frequently.

If you’ve been travelling and you want to attract people who like a bit of worldliness in a date, then talk a little about where you’ve been and why you enjoyed the experience. This shows you’re in touch with life and prepared to broaden your mind.

If you see yourself travelling more in the future then make sure you say so. You might just be able to attract someone who has the same outlook on travel – someone with whom you could eventually plan your next trip.

One thing you mustn’t do at this stage is assume that travelling makes you somehow special. Boasting about foreign travel is not really an attractive quality even if the fact that you have been draws people to your profile.

Be brief, be interesting, be open and show your personal ambitions when it comes to your tastes in travel.

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Profile Week: Educational history

Author: Nicky

It’s up to you whether you put your educational history into your dating profile. You may not think it’s all that relevant to anyone looking for someone fun, interesting and attractive, but in the interest of openness it can help.

It’s often best to be matter-of-fact about your educational history. Devote too much space to a packed educational career and you might appear boastful; devote too much space to a sparse educational history and you might appear too self-deprecating or given to inverse snobbery.

There are boxes you tick on the checklist so that you can quickly show to what level you have been educated, but if you feel like sticking a little reference to college or university into the body of your profile then don’t be too shy about it.

Remember that your educational history is not limited to the time you’ve spent in educational institutions. If you’ve learnt something by travelling or by any other means, you can make reference to it to support the image of your character that comes across in your profile. The trick is to attract the right people here – not attract just anyone and certainly not to alienate people.

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