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Dating Detox Week: Watching out for the signs

Author: Nicky

Online dating is a great way of finding a partner, but it is important that you learn to recognise the signs that you have been trying too hard. Trying too hard at dating is something a lot of people fall prey to. They are so keen on finding a suitable partner that they don’t let things happen naturally and they end up putting too much pressure on themselves.

This week is devoted to helping online daters to recognise the signs that they need a dating detox. A dating detox is something that all active daters require from time to time. It simply helps them to recharge their batteries and rediscover their love of dating after a period of intense activity has sapped all the enjoyment out of it.

After all, dating is supposed to be fun. It’s meant to constitute a positive experience even when it doesn’t produce the man or the woman of your dreams. Once you learn to recognise the signs that you need a dating detox, don’t be afraid of reducing your activity for a spell as a means of regaining your former positive attitude.

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Profile Week: What you look for in a partner

Author: Nicky

One of the things that absolutely mustn’t neglect to include in your profile is a brief account of the type of person you are interested in meeting up with. You don’t have to go into too much detail – and it’s best that you don’t because you may put perfectly eligible people off – but some information on the topic is a good idea.

You’ve probably already mentioned in brief your personal circumstances, your hobbies and interests, your lifestyle choices, your working life, your educational history and your attitude to travel, so now it’s time to say that you’re looking for someone who shares the same kinds of interests and whose attitude to life and love falls tessellates neatly with your own.

You can also take about certain personality traits that you like in a partner. People usually state that they want someone fun and who can make them laugh. That’s fine, but it’s fast becoming a stock requirement. Think carefully and maybe add a couple of things that are bit more original and a bit more personal to you.

Your entire profile shouldn’t be so dense with information as to make it difficult to read, so lay it out in broken up paragraphs and get someone to proof read it for you.

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