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Women’s 7 Deadly Dating Sins: Trust issues

Author: Nicky

An unsuccessful dating history can lead to trust issues. So can bad experiences in a relationship. These trust issues are very hard to get over and many girls have a nagging voice in the back of their minds that tells them that men aren’t to be trusted – even nice ones.

These are toxic thoughts and they can stand in the way of getting you back on track. The fact is that not all men are cheats and there is the very real possibility that there are factors in your own bad experiences that you are unwilling to entertain. Let the past drop for now – it’s time to start something new.

The trouble is that the bitterness of trust issues really bubbles through in your demeanour. Men notice when a girl has a somewhat aggressive attitude towards their entire sex. They also notice when you seem doubtful of the fact that they are nice, honest people.

Some men like a challenge and may think it’s a good idea to try and win you over; others will suspect they’ll never be able to win someone over when they have already made such a strong decision against them and they will run for the hills.

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