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How To: Update your Guestbook

Author: Nicky

A lot of people who are quite active online will be familiar with the concept of the Guestbook on which takes a similar form to the Wall feature on other social networking sites. The Guestbook is designed so that you can keep everything up to date and share things with other members – things that might influence whether they get in touch with you or not.

You can post pictures, jokes, thoughts, observance, comments and anything onto your Guestbook. They give other members greater insight into the things that concern you from day to day. All you need to do to update your Guestbook is go to your profile and select the Guestbook tab.

You will then see a box that is ready for you to type in whatever thoughts or feelings you want to share with the other people using the site. Any of your ‘buddies’ will be able to see these updates if they see something they like or want to comment on they are likely to do so. The Guestbook is all about making the experience of online dating a little bit more interactive and relevant to your lifestyle.

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