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When You’ll be Invited Back

Author: Yvonne Rice - Online Dating And Relationship Expert

Why you won’t be invited to a prospective new partners house within the first 3 or 4 dates.

Men and Women differ in the reasons why they won’t let you into their inner-sanctum within the first 3-4 dates. Here are some of the key ones.

For Men it’s pretty straight forward and you will get a really good sense of why if you listen to what he is telling you in your conversations. Men generally don’t lie – they just leave crucial things out:

  • He’s sensible and recognizes that this person is a complete stranger. He wants to make sure he and his environment remain safe.
  • This recognition usually comes after a man has been stalked or harassed due to a decision not to continue with a new love interest.
  • In the past he has invited his new love interest to his house only to be “sized” up financially.
  • He lives with other people and wants to make sure his new friend is someone he wants to introduce to them.
  • He’s back at home living with his parents.
  • He’s not living in the type of accommodation he would be proud to show to a prospective new love interest.
  • He prefers to go this new love interests abode so that he can leave when he has had enough and wishes to return to what he would normally be doing on that particular day of the week.
  • He’s already in a relationship.
  • He’s just come out of a relationship and doesn’t want a serious commitment at this point in time.
  • He doesn’t want to advance the relationship too quickly. By allowing this new person into his home he is allowing them to see into his life – he just wishes to take things slowly in the beginning.
  • It’s just a casual relationship for him – he has no intentions of allowing it to be anything more than that.

Why Women won’t invite a prospective new partner into their home on the first 3-4 dates.

Interestingly enough most of the reasons that Men have – Women have as well including being “sized” up financially – with probably a few extra ones thrown in such as:

  • She doesn’t really like you that much.
  • She is still unsure about you and working out if you are what and who you say you are.
  • She doesn’t like being single but she doesn’t want a relationship with you either – you are companionship to her.
  • She has high moral valves and doesn’t believe in getting intimate or putting herself in a position to be – before she feels comfortable that you are the type of man she wishes to be with.
  • She’s still hung up on her last partner and doesn’t want to go too deeply with you in case they get back together.
  • If a Woman has children living at home – most will sensibly wait until they get to know this new love interest before bringing them home to meet the children.
  • She has difficult children and wants to make sure her new relationship will cope with it.
  • She has a jealous ex-partner and wishes to keep the new relationship quite for a while.
  • She doesn’t wish to be judged by her family or peers on her new relationship until she works out how she feels about it first. So that if they don’t like this new partner she in her own mind can justify it and defend it.
  • She doesn’t want the neighbours seeing she has a new love interest.
  • She is guarding her own personal safety.

Until next time.

Stay safe and make good choices.

Smiles to you,

Yvonne Rice

”Your history has brought you to where you are now. Your future is where you want to see yourself. What you do right now defines who you are. Be your own example to live by. Be the hero that you look to others to be. Be the source of inspiration that makes a difference to your life – that moves and empowers those around you. You will never know how much you can touch the lives of others, the fact that you might – is all that matters” Smiles to you, Yvonne Rice




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