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Women’s 7 Deadly Dating Sins: Bitching

Author: Nicky

By bitching we don’t necessarily mean the really hardcore bitching girls might engage in after being really hurt or annoyed by someone – we simply mean the small scale bitching, the kind that it is easy to engage in without really knowing it.

Some men are really happy to go along with a bit of light bitching – in fact most men will do this if they recognise that the tone is light-hearted. That way the two of you have something to make a joke out of and to make your own on your date.

However, the constant small scale bitching that some girls unfortunately end up doing can be a major turn-off. It suggests that here is a woman who cannot be pleased. It suggests that here is a woman who will bitch about his date too when his back is turned.

If you are going to bitch a little, be aware of how far you take it and never target your family, your close friends or your ex-boyfriends. Try and keep the bitching to little jokes about the people who don’t matter so much to you and always follow it with something positive. A lot of men wouldn’t say a bad word about their own family, friends or ex-girlfriends, so take a leaf out of their book.

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Women’s 7 Deadly Dating Sins: Perpetuating outdated gender stereotypes

Author: Nicky

Although some men demonstrate that they have moved very far away from the chivalrous attitude of a gentleman, some women actually perpetuate those old gender stereotypes too severely. This skews their expectations and makes them almost impossibly difficult to please in a modern sense.

There are ladies out there who want to be lavished with attention and who want all manner of favours paid to them. These girls are like the polar opposites of the militant feminist set – instead of putting men off by making them feel small, they put men off by expecting too much of them.

The fact is that the world is changing and men are really seeing how cool it is to go out with an easy-going girl who is perfectly independent and who has her own friends, interests, ideas and finances. The woman who perpetuates outdated stereotypes about intensive chivalry is increasingly losing out.

The trick here is to loosen up. Let go of those expectations. Relax into dating and treat it as the fun, sociable thing that it is, rather than the formal and unbending concept that seems so old-fashioned in the modern era.

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